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Buganda Royal Institute of Business and Technical Education, Mengo was founded by Buganda Kingdom in 1999 with a view of equiping students with practical education and skills to enable them create their own employment or become employed in this era of rampant unemployment.It emphasizes hands on learning to equip students with knowledge and skills they can apply upon graduation and earn a living.We expose the learner to some of the practical learning sessions at BRIBTE.


The institute is located at kakeeka Mengo and operates under the Ministry of Education and sports,Buganda Kingdom.

The institute is registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports,Uganda Goverment under Reg No PCS/B/144 and it is duly authorised to offer training in Business,Technical and Vocational Courses at both certificate and Diploma levels by the National Council for Higher Education(NCHE)

The institute has two intakes every calender year..ie;


M ARCH INTAKE :This is mainly for senior four leavers and those who finished senior six but may wish to pursue a certificate course in any field.It also caters for students who offer an advanced technician course like the Electrical installation part C,BCP advanced,MVT advanced and RTET advanced.Admissions for this intake start January every year.


AUGUST INTAKE : This intake caters for both certificate and diploma applicants ie;s4 and s6 leavers and it starts from April(certificate)/February(diploma) upto end of August every year.


Why Study at Buganda Royal Institute

We offer internal (by BRIBTE Examinations Council)and external examination by Uganda Business and Technical Examination Board (UBTEB) and Directorate of Industrial training(DIT)


We offer hands-on training which equips you with practical skills in the field offered

There is prospect for further education at any institution world over because our awards are recognized by National Council of Higher Education (NCHE)


There is great exposure through partnership with employers and entrepreneurs,eg;industrialists,mechanics,service providers,motivation speakers,etc

There are high chances of being absorbed in the labour market because BRIBTE graduates are a live testimony among many employers.


We offer programs Convenient to students intending to study at different periods (Day, Evening and Weekend programs).

All courses are offered at friendly rates/tuition fees.

We also offer accommodation to those who want to stay around. There is opportunity to develop your talent through MDD,sports,leadership,innovativeness,etc